Safeguarding Policy

Challenge Group’s Worldwide Policy

This is the Safeguarding Policy of The Challenges Group

Our Statement of General Policy is:

It is the Challenge Group’s Worldwide Policy to take all possible steps to ensure our employees and volunteers, partners, vendors, operations and programmes do no harm to children, young people or vulnerable adults. We also endeavour to protect our employees and volunteers when they are vulnerable or at risk of harm or abuse.

The Challenges Group is a family of social enterprises that trade and operate globally. Each of its member organisations is committed to providing a safe and protected environment for its staff, volunteers and partners at all times.

We endeavour to comply fully with the relevant legislation and statutory guidance to ensure that, where relevant, applicants and employees are members of the Scottish Protection of Vulnerable Peoples Scheme or undertake criminal background checks through the UK Disclosure and Barring Service. We are committed to equality of opportunity for all and to providing an environment that is free from unfair and unlawful discrimination.

We expect all staff and volunteers to comply with our policy and procedures to ensure that any individuals in our programmes who may be considered vulnerable are kept safe and exposed to minimum risk. We expect staff and volunteers to familiarise themselves with our Safeguarding Policy as well as Employee and Volunteer Conduct and Disciplinary policy which outlines the expected and appropriate behaviours along with disciplinary procedures.