Enterprise Information and Application Process

This page outlines the Enterprise application information for the Youth to Work programme. Please ensure that you have reviewed all of the Enterprise information below before you apply.

The main goals of the programme to Small & Growing Businesses are to help improve the efficiency, development and resilience of Small to Growing Businesses through structured and tailored business development services.

The programme also aims to prepare young people to become work ready and improve their employability.


Conduct enterprise analysis – Junior Associates will use an enterprise workbook with internal and external environment analysis tools. These will be to evaluate key enterprise areas such as leadership, the organisation and staff, the product/service, sales and marketing, legal and IT, financial management, organisation risk profile and investment readiness. This will be done with an aim of understanding the business overall performance and investment readiness within its operating environment.

Make recommendations – Basing on the results from the analysis, the Junior Associates will make recommendations to the enterprise to capitalise on its strengths and curb the identified weaknesses in with an aim to optimise performance and get closer to investment readiness.

Implement recommendations – the Junior Associates co-create and implement the short-term recommendations in collaboration with the key staff within the enterprise.

This section entails Uganda Enterprise application details. Download your application below to get started!

SME Brief

Youth to Work SME Info Pack

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In this section, you will find Zambia application information. Download your form below to get started!


Zambia SME Brief

Zambia SME Programme Info Pack

Zambia Application Form
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For more information, please email ghana@thechallengesgroup.com

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