The Challenges Group uses a dynamic approach to develop the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises by improving management practice and processes. We apply this same ethos and strategy when working with young people by creating opportunities that help them gain the necessary skills and experience to access meaningful employment. Our impactful approach focuses on job creation and improving operational efficiencies. 

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Professional Qualifications

Challenges use a blended learning model, mixing theory and practical application to deliver our professional qualifications that are accredited by Chartered Management Institute (CMI) through its examination processes and standards. We are the UK’s largest exporter ofCMIqualifications and have provided on-the-ground support to more than 1000 SMEs.  We’ve helped 550 people (entrepreneursyoung people, middle and senior managers and women returning to work) gain a CMI certificate or diploma.  Additionally, 200 more people are currently working through our program. 

Online Support

Management Direct is our dedicated online learning resource, designed to support and enhance our clients’ learning journey and professional outcomes.

Skills Development

Our Youth Skills Development Programmes focus on providing meaningful placements for young people, giving them the practical experience needed to create job opportunities and challenge the problem of youth unemployment.

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