For two decades, Challenges consultants have been working with small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting their growth and social impact. We continue to work closely with businesses, offering them bespoke growth services designed to deliver structured and measurable improvements in any sector. By focusing on a deep understanding of the organisation, its offering, and the target market, Challenges consultants strive to deliver improvements in the capacity, products and skills of our clients, supporting them closely through a variety of tailor-made interventions and diagnostics.

Implementation Challenges Group

Enterprise Strengthening

Challenges has a long legacy of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises build their capacity, boosting sales, optimising operations and improving financial stability. We use innovative diagnostic methodologies to analyse your business, and use the data to inform a tailored intervention and improvements across key areas of an organisation’s management. This can often lead to piloting of new services, the set-up of new operations, and investment.

Piloting & Prototyping

Our Pilot and Prototyping service is a great example of the client-centred approach we take at Challenges, and perfectly illustrates how we design bespoke projects and programmes around the needs of businesses. Starting with a considered view of a business’s capabilities and target market, we will work closely with management to hone the product or service before a thorough testing and diagnosis with multiple opportunities for feedback and refinement.

Deal Preparation

With two decades’ experience of building successful enterprises, Challenges offers considerable opportunities for potential investors, including impact investors. With a wealth of knowledge, international networks and innovative approaches we can identify prospects, supporting them through a diagnostic pipeline for investment readiness, while our portfolio management tools provide sophisticated assessments of performance and impact for optimised investor-client collaboration.

Operational Setup

Challenges business consultants will support enterprises to establish new areas of business, operational activities, partnerships and other new ventures. As part of this service we can represent clients in contract negotiations, and licencing/distribution deals; help form partnerships or ventures; develop trade investment; and even directly support in-country replication, including sourcing premises, staff recruitment and business/customer relations.

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