All of us at The Challenges Group understand the importance of an in-depth understanding of the market, a business’s capabilities, and the potential for growth. We specialise in providing advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises, ranging from Enterprise Diagnostics to Market Assessments, while also identifying opportunities for Business Development. We can then help businesses capitalise on new and/or existing markets, or support market entry for new products and services!

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Business Diagnostics

Knowing a business’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses is key to growth. Working closely with your organisation, our Challenges business consultants will analyse your key internal functions, including management and leadership; organisation and staff; product/service processing; financial management; sales and marketing; and environmental and social impact and make recommendations for improvement.

Market Assessments

An understanding of the market is vital for any successful business! Our team of Challenges experts provide in-depth, insightful and contextual analysis of a target market and/or customer segment. This often includes an Enterprise Diagnostic of the business, and can lead to additional business support where we would look at implementing schemes to increase your capability, market reach or investment readiness.

Business Development

Our Transaction and Business Development service stands alongside our Market Assessment and Enterprise Diagnostic services. Once we have a thorough understanding of the current operating potential and market, the Challenges team will define commercial opportunities and look at ways of working with our partners to explore market linkages, partnerships and investment opportunities.

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