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There are a number of ways in which your organisation could support women returners to make work work each of which are outlined at:

To learn more register for our upcoming session at:
Our Making Work Work team are hosting an information session on the 18th of August for organisations who are interested in getting involved in our programme.

We take a collaborative approach in delivering Making Work Work, partnering with @scotgov & @skillsdevscot.
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Making Work Work – for Women Returners is our award-winning women returners programme.

The programme is for women in Scotland looking to step back into work following a career break.

To learn more about the programme please visit:

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Financial inclusion helps young people to have more control of their money, make better financial decisions and grow their businesses.

- Solomon Kutesa #YouthToWorkUg #FuturemakersForum22
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Solomon Kuteesa on his idea for increasing accessibility to financial knowledge. #financialinclusion
#YouthToWorkUg #FuturemakersForum22
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When creating solutions, we need to be empathetic, questioning, imaginative, iterative, collaborative, and visual.

-Premila Stampe, @scventuresDNA, Standard Chartered Bank
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