Enterprise Resilience Programme

The Enterprise Resilience Programme by Challenges is a robust diagnostic tool and consultancy support offering, designed to support small and medium-sized businesses through the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deploying the ERP, Challenges’ business and management consultants will analyse the enterprise, and provide a rapid and in-depth market and operations investigation. This will enable SMEs to carry out information-based decisions to respond, recover and reposition post-COVID-19.

Looking at the SME’s current market, Challenges’ associates will work with the business to understand the risk and opportunities attached to current customers, supply chains, operations, communications, HR, and so on. Challenges’ commercial experts and consultants will co-create with the business owner or senior management team the crucial next steps and recommendations to help them become resilient, protecting jobs and income.

In general, the diagnostic process will take around four to six weeks. Initially, the in-country specialists will conduct rapid information gathering within the first fortnight. Our support team of technical and commercial experts will then analyse the information and identify possible strategies, which will be presented back to the senior management team with actions then agreed.

Challenges will remain available to offer ongoing implementation support.

The service is offered with no up-front payment attached. Instead, Challenges is offering a fixed-fee repayment package of 24 months for the first phase to essential businesses, and discounts offered to those who can pay quicker than this period.

Investment opportunities post-COVID-19

Crucially, participating businesses to have come through Challenges’ Enterprise Resilience Programme will also be in a better position to seek and take on investment. These successful SMEs will have demonstrated resilience, and proven their business model and vision, and that these are backed up by informed decision-making, risk mitigation and sound financial management. Exactly the sort of qualities that attract investors.

Next steps

While the ERP is being rolled out across Challenges’ markets in Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia, it is both scalable and exportable, and interested businesses and partners outwith these areas should make contact in the first instance.

To apply, or for more information, please contact the most appropriate office: