CMI Training

Challenges are thrilled to be shortlisted for the ‘Outstanding Training Provider of the Year’. These nominations underscore Challenges’ unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional learner experiences, fostering professional growth, and enhancing individual performance to create better managers.

“This recognition by CMI is a testament to our team’s dedication and hard work. Our collaborative relationship with CMI has been instrumental in promoting the benefits of CMI training and the esteemed Chartered Manager status.”

– Shaun McLaughlin, Director of Learning & Leadership.

Challenges’ nomination for the ‘Outstanding Training Provider of the Year’ award highlights its innovative approach in digital learning and leadership development. The group has been pivotal in offering CMI qualifications as an integral part of their leadership and management programs, including their apprenticeships. Numerous aspiring managers and leaders have benefited from a world-class learning experience with Challenges, further obtaining professional CMI qualifications that boost career progression and long-term employability.

Our long-standing relationship with CMI supports our mission to be at the forefront of leadership and management training, responsive to global industry needs. We are honoured by these nominations and remain committed to driving excellence in all our endeavours.”

The winners of the CMI Partner Awards will be unveiled later this year, and Challenges eagerly awaits the results, hopeful for a positive outcome.